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My name is Nicholas Horlocker and I have been passionate about computers and programming for all of my life. I first started coding at the age of thirteen and continue to enjoy the art of it. After starting at a technical college for computer programming I quickly became tired with the slow pace of teaching and withdrew a year later. Most of my technical skills have been acquired through unconventional methods and with a great deal of persistence. This has given me an advantage to continually adapt to new and evolving technologies. My main hobbies outside of work involve enjoying the outdoors through hiking and camping.

LAMP Stack



MEAN Stack

UX/UI Design


What I Offer


Full stack development from scratch or with many popular frameworks.

Advanced Solutions

AI / ML, code optimizations, graphs and more.


Remote administration, migrations and CI pipelines.

My Experience

2 years

2018 - present

Lead Developer

Working a lot with mobile development. Started working with React and React Native. Migrated Laravel and Wordpress websites and domains to AWS.

3 years

2015 - 2018

Lead Developer

This has required expert Javascript skills, excellent project structure and writing GLSL shaders. Started working with DevOps - mainly shell and CI pipelines.

3 years

2012 - 2015


I spent much of this time expanding my skillset and hunting down projects which challenged me. Started working with Linux and cross-platform mobile development.

3 years

2009 - 2012

Web Developer

Working for a small startup based in Washington, USA. I spent the majority of my time working with Joomla and WordPress frameworks - implementing functionality into themes and creating plugins.

2 years

2007 - 2009


Starting on a website called ScriptLance, at the young age of seventeen I was thrilled with any project I could score and worked for very low rates. Most of this time was spent learning how much I did not yet know.

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